BRExit, What is next?


By Counterbalancetoday June 25,2016

In this unexpected result (honestly I did not expect it) you can see the power of the EU and media trying to dissuade the little people’s mind. Basically spreading that this movement of separation from the EU was created by racists, fascists and Xenophobia, it has a little truth to some extent. Some of their supporters are exactly that, however like any politician they were hanging from a good movement that they knew had legs which they could benefit from.

The reality is that the core of this idea (not yet comprehended by the majority from what I see) has been the self-determination and not being ruled by an external entity; those deciding virtually everything to do with the country, ultimately affecting the lives of the people/citizens, if they accept it or not.

Members of the EU had lost their sovereignty, consider  the crazy amount of regulations and burocracy that exist today. Some regulations are not that bad, for example standards which allow the same product to be used throughout Europe, but others are destined to control and remove freedoms from the citizens.

The other significant factor of separation include the enormous fees each country is required to pay yearly in order to belong to the EU; “In 2015, the UK’s full membership fee would have been £17.8 billion, but they negotiated a discount so the fee was £12.9 billion.”1

The excessive amount of regulations from the EU has also been a  factor, Alan Wilson said “Whenever regulation increases, Personal Freedom decreases” and Tacitus (a Roman orator, public official and probably the greatest historian of that age) “The more corrupt is the state, the more numerous the laws”. These two quotes thoroughly describes the insane regulations of the EU. Review the Regulation of this title as another example: “(EU) No 1007/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 September 2011 on textile fiber names and related labeling and marking of the fiber composition of textile products and repealing Council Directive 73/44/EEC and Directives 96/73/EC and 2008/121/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council Text with EEA relevance”2  this has more than 100 different EU laws! It is mind blowing the amount of regulations involved in the above. I taken this example directly from the EU site in the sources, open the link (2.) to examine further information and details.

With this highly summarized background, what will come next? You will observe the powers that be trying to have a second referendum to bring the UK back, some signatures have already been collected. It is so funny watching it from the outside, is seems like one person won at the rock, paper and scissors game while the other person declares that it’s not fair he/she lost and screaming that there needs to one more chance given in order to try and win! Can the globalists achieve it? They started already with scare and fear tactics immediately after the UK voted in favor of separation. We all watched the markets going down and volatility, people where betting that they would not be out but they did. Many lost billions but like any scheme many profited. It has been a wealth transfer to the super rich (as usual), these people who move the strings hardly ever lose, maybe some of them took a hit causing the “want” for another referendum, perhaps planning it behind the scenes….

Let me explain, immediately after the referendum the UK was downgraded in their credit score from “stable” to ”negative”,. Why would they do this now? Well, I believe it is to scare the people of the UK and investors that this is not the right move. Many of us paying attention understood that the UK economy has been struggling for many years and yet the credit score showed as stable. Also those of us paying attention understand that Europe will collapse (in the near future). The European countries economies are sinking, add the huge influx of refugees (which puts a burden in their welfare) adding further strain to their economies. If the markets and scores were not manipulated the credit score should had been lowered years ago, but it didn’t.  Europe continues to become a sinking boat.

Also the huge amount of  refuges (created as a result of US and NATO policies in the Middle east and their own governments)  some of them will not assimilate the culture, however, in other cases they may impose their culture, just look at Sweden and the UK’s most dangerous neighborhoods. Keep in mind is not ALL immigrants, there is always good people in every race, religion, etc. The power elite wants to create division between us so we fight each other and make their job easier. In some cases they are achieving this, we can see slowly racial tension increasing. But we should stand our ground and not fall into the division game this is what they want.

Minutes after the referendum ended I knew what the outcome of the markets would be, I called it! I stated “watch the markets”! I remembered something from history centuries ago here is the extract “In 1815, Nathan Rothschild had advance knowledge of the outcome of Napoleon’s Battle of Waterloo against the British. He publicized false rumors that tricked the London Stock Exchange into believing that Napoleon had won. The resulting Stock Market crash enabled Nathan Rothschild’s agents to buy up the London stock market dirt cheap and seize control of the Bank of England.” 3

The fear technique is the most effective way to control anyone (except the ones that research and are confident in themselves) what you will see next is the England will  struggle – some a lot and some less – depending on how their citizens, politicians and corporations react. If they can sustain the heat they will recover in a few years, if they can’t they will be begging the EU take them back and this is exactly what the globalists want,  to make them suffer for daring to defy globalism and take them back with more restrictions.



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