Canada Elections , Why our system is broken? Do we have any Solutions?


June 13, 2014

I am very happy that we were able to stop Tim Hudak as he was the worst of the 3 parties covered by the media. Hopefully now we can stop Harper too.

However, it would be more ideal if Ontarians were more interested in seeking the truth and further educating themselves outside of what the media rams down their throats. Is this a sign of uneducated population?  Or is it simply sheer laziness in not using the magnificent brain we have to question and investigate? Or is it some form of subliminal mind programing technique?  The Canadian media tells people there are only three options and therefore people get fixated in three options that are almost the same with slight variations resulting in a trick to the populous in giving the allusion of “freedom of choice”.

The election results’ speaks for itself in the success of the main stream media influence.
Voting for the lesser evil is still choosing evil. This is what the majority of Ontarians did using their “strategic” vote.

Ontarians or Canadians in general have a short memory, as it was the Liberals who made us poorer by 8% overnight with the HST.  Many either had not realized this or they do not care.  Additionally during these years, there has been a lot of corruption and wrong doings by the Liberal party; Ontarians seems to be fine with the items below:

The NDP is…well, just the NDP. They were trying to deviate as many votes as they could from the Liberals and pretend to be on the left but they are the same as the other two. Money is their master and they will do the bidding for the small group that controls them and the corporations, they do not work for us and the same goes for the Liberals and Conservatives.

Are all selfish or evil? I do not think so, I believe many people in politics start with true intentions of trying to make a difference, but once they enter to the system, this changes their minds either by indoctrination and/or by fear tactics. In other words, in order to stay there they have to play the game.  You will notice the few that remained loyal to the cause of democracy, working for their constituents and truthfulness always get ridiculed, omitted and attacked.  Just watch a few Elizabeth May speeches in Parliament and you will see, or from any other member of the Libertarian party.

The two options I mentioned above were completely ignored during the election.  It will be very interesting to ask the media why?  These two parties have the best platforms in this current broken system, the first one is The Ontario Libertarian Party and The Green Party of Ontario.  These two options could maybe fix (or at least partially fix) the current system, but I am certain they are highly opposed by the power of the other political parties, and they will never let them compete fairly.

In my personal opinion and after years of research in geopolitics, political structures, economy, science and anything else I can get a hold which factors into the debate. I’ve come to the conclusion that political parties should be eliminated as they do not work for any of us. Political parties are the best system ever created to give the illusion of freedom to people and divide them so they can never be united and start a real change.  Political parties are the engine for Statism.  I’ve written extensively and shared many related topics at my Counterbalancetoday Facebook Page  for your own research.

Why our system does not work:

Representative Democracy is not Democracy

The problems with our voting system and if it continues how it leads to a 2 party system.

I became a political atheist after I understood political parties and their purpose. I saw the insanity of people doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result by selecting the 3 main parties that work for the same groups of power.

I am more of a libertarian  or “Anarcho-Capitalist”, I do not like governments dictating how I live, and what can I do, taking away our rights and freedoms and/or sometimes giving me back basic rights as if I was a beggar.  Governments now determine what we eat or drink. As an example, the banning of raw milk in Ontario (there are debates that milk is bad for you – another topic).

Governments spy on us with our own money, they prosecute activists for defending OUR rights, they jail any that dissent and dare to exposes their fraud, they bomb countries on our behalf like the Libyan case or support countries taking what is left of the land via illegal settlements.  All of that with our hard earned money in form of taxes and even more from us with the inflation: a hidden tax.

I believe that we should not be governed by anyone. We should be self-governed and live by the non-aggression principle and the non-initiation of violence principle. The word Anarchism means no rulers, but we have rules.

I am a realistic anarchist and I know that in our society, due to its lack of consciousness, empathy and knowledge, it is light years from becoming self -governing.

A great presentation in the subject “The Story of your Enslavement”

Having stated my Libertarian/Anarchism views and based on reality and that we are not yet ready for this system,  I think a very good option (in the interim) is to reform our system as a Direct Democracy with “Minarchism”.


A country using direct democracy is Switzerland

I believe in the future as a natural evolution of the human consciousness (if we select this path)  a society that has benefited from Direct Democracy and Minarchism, will naturally flow into Anarchism (self-governing) – a type one Civilization. At the moment we are still type zero according to Dr. Michio Kaku. I disagree in many aspects on the way Dr. Michio Kaku visualizes type one Civilization as having a central government, for me a central government is an un-evolved aspect of our humanity where the structure is a pyramid and at the end is Statism

But unfortunately (for the moment) this seems to be a higher concept for the majority of the people.



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