How Governments Distract Entire Populations From The Important Issues: The Canadian Case Rob Ford (Updated)

By Counterbalancetoday

Author Juan Jose Alvarado, original article November 7, 2013
Editor and co-author : Frederick Thornton November 13, 2013


Updated version

I see the media pathetically feeding disinformation and half-truths, here in Canada and in many countries; owned by a handful of Corporations that feed only what they are told to feed to keep the masses distracted from what really matters. I decided to share my research to counter balance the distracting information with that which the powers that be, do not want you to be aware of.

It is our desire to help to inform as many as we can, to encourage you, the reader to question not only what the mainstream media tells you, but to also question what you read here. And through our shared conversations, perhaps we can stir awake some of those that are slumbering on the sidelines.

Yesterday night while chatting with one of my American friends ( Floyd) he raised a very good question:

“So, if the Toronto mayor smoking crack and getting hammered was a huge story in Canada all summer; why is it just now a big story in the U.S.? And not just on the television but also on talk radio. I wonder why it is such big news here now?”

This dear reader is what one should always ask when anything, anything at all dominates mainstream media news outlets. Have you noticed that the talking heads that are supposedly reporting the news, often say exactly the same thing, even though they are on competing networks? The same ‘soundbite’ being repeated over and over and over, should cause the hairs on the nape of your neck stand on end. This isn’t journalism, it is propaganda.

Anyway, I responded to his question and told him that I could tell him what we are being distracted from in Canada. I said it is the right question to ask, and that sadly, too many of my fellow Canadians do not ask it at all. Does it matter what a person smokes or does in their private life as long as it doesn’t impede their ability to function? It seems to some it does, but that I have noticed depends on whether they are a friend or a foe of Rob Ford. This divisiveness is not limited to just Canada, it is a”Global syndrome.”

When Governments that have so many issues, so many scandals or want to pass laws that strip more of our rights away, and they do not want you know, they use a distraction such as the Rob Ford scandal or worse even, a false flag. They assume that we are too stupid and they know that the majority of the people rely only on the TV news and official printed newspapers and magazines, which except for a relatively small number of community broadcasters,the vast majority of media in Canada is primarily owned by six companies, including Bell Canada, Rogers Communications, Shaw Communications, Astral Media, Quebecor, and the government-owned Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Radio-Canada).

Let me tell you they know very well, how to control what the majority of the population talks about by the constant bombardment in the main stream media, digital ticker tapes,monitors in subway stations, talk radio, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I see it and hear it every day on the train, on the elevators and in the office. People only talking about what they are fed to think about.

“Did you hear they found another Rob Ford video?”.

“No, you don’t say…did you see the game last night?”

There are a few issues that they are distracting Canadians from. Starting with the newest one and one of the most important. On Sunday Nov 3, Elizabeth May, Leader of The Green Party released a newsletter which said in part;”On Tuesday, the Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics committee will be one of the final committees to vote on the PMO directed motion to strip individual MPs of their rights to present amendments at the report stage of bills. All of the other committees have passed this motion but we want to take one last stand and show this committee that Canadians care about the rights of individual MPs.”. This bill will severely choke independent members, and those parties who have less than twelve members from having a say in Parliament. It is an attack on democracy in Canada and it is coming from the Prime Minister himself. We at Counterbalance were unaware of this issue and had not seen it reported anywhere in mainstream media. Thanks to Elizabeth May and her Newsletter.

We are politically atheist at Counterbalance and do not believe or support any one political party. You might ask why political atheists?
History has taught us and our experiences has reaffirmed that Political parties are part of a very well orchestrated system to divide us all. It is known by many as the paradigm of left/right politics and is used as a distraction to keep the masses busy and unaware of the real issues. As people take sides and fight each other by debating “political ideologies” that takes them nowhere and benefit no-one.
Just because they are against the other party’s ideology, many times an important issue gets ignored in a game of one upmanship. This has been over the course of history ever since the rise of the modern democratic state as the best way to divide people on both the national and international level.

In particular in the United States political ideology has been an excuse to feed their military industrial complex as they go to war to supposedly protect the free world and spread democracy from the threat of communism or others. Ironically all these ideologies have found support by the cabal of international banksters led by the most powerful families. They all share a common feature and that is a centralized system of control. Just imagine if we did not had any parties that sit disconnected on the opposite side of the floor, as it is in all democracies today, but rather we elected a citizen council that sits in a circle where everyone is equal and connected to each other. There are number of different solutions to this problem which has been explored by many authors. All we have to do is open our minds to the possibilities.

We must give credit where credit is due and Elizabeth May is one of the few who is doing something and really bringing to attention some very important aspects of our present government and its leader’s dictatorial tendencies, which brings us to the next issue which is ongoing and that is the attacks to our Democracy from Prime Minister Harper and his excessive partisanship. He punishes MPs who do not do his biding. Oddly enough the politician that raised this issue was again Elizabeth May, while other politicians were having a paid vacation due to parliament being prorogued (Government shutdown) she was using the time efficiently and exposing our issues in what is left of our Democracy, to create awareness during her “Save Democracy from Politics tour”, which I attended because I was very curious of the title.

I wanted to hear what BS a politician might have to say and was blown away due to the sheer lack of it. She made complete sense! And not only that, but to my surprise there was no BS even after her presentation. She won my admiration and respect, and I can say she is the Canadian equivalent of a Ron Paul. I have to admit I was wrong (A wise man changes his mind, a fool never.) in thinking all politicians are bad and selfish and at least one or maybe a handful are true to the country. But sadly the majority are just there for their own benefit and the benefit of the corporations and that they do not represent the average person at all.

If you happen to know someone in Parliament just ask them, they might be afraid even to respond to the question on how the PMO office really works and they will probably ignore it or at best respond off the record, if they dare to speak out at all. This is the death of democracy in Canada and it happening right under our noses with nobody even talking about it. But then why should they, since mainstream media does little to report on it.

Is this a forbidden subject? Why does no-one seem to care? Is it because it has been hidden? Or is no one paying attention due to distractions like Rob Ford?
Just ask yourself a question, how many times has Harper shut down the Parliament? Why he shuts down the government every time he is in trouble by a scandal or even he receives a hard question he does not want to deal. He has done this more than any other Prime Minister. He believes that we are stupid and that we will not remember what was the issue(s) before he prorogued parliament. He gets away with it most of the time, largely due to the complacency of Mainstream media and Harper’s ability to not be seen when questions do abound.

You can watch an eye opening interview here, even I was not aware of all of, until I saw Elizabeth May last month.

You should be outraged when hearing what is going on within our government, and I want you to be outraged. I want you to stand up and demand a change, and more importantly, even be that change.

The third issue that they are distracting us is the Senate scandal that you may have heard about.Again involving Harper and the PMO.


The forth issue that has been going on since the creation of Canada but has been gaining popularity due to citizens starting a grassroots movement recently, is tha lack of fair representation in Parliament, due to our first past the post electoral system. Fair vote Canada is seeking changes to our electoral system pushing for proportional representation. See their website here.


Fair Vote Canada (FVC) is a grassroots multi-partisan citizens’ campaign for voting system reform. We promote the introduction of an element of proportional representation into elections for all levels of government and throughout civil society.
What is Proportional Representation? Proportional representation is any voting system designed to produce a representative body (like a parliament, legislature, or council) where voters elect representatives in proportion to our votes.
IS that what we have now? No, Canada’s Parliament and provincial legislatures all use the first-past-the-post (FPTP) voting system, where each riding has only one winner, and the candidate with the most votes wins.
What’s wrong with the candidate with the most votes winning?
With just one winner in each riding, more than half of Canadian voters don’t actually elect anyone, and our Parliaments and legislatures don’t actually look anything like us. We believe that “in a democratic government, the right of decision belongs to the majority, but the right of representation belongs to all.” (Ernest Naville, 1865)

Last but not least another issue we are being distracted from (2 months + -), is the environmental issues concerning the Tar sands and the Fraking issue where our Native communities are being attacked and then blamed as the original perpetrators of violence, which video evidence constantly uploaded to the social networks has demonstrated quite the opposite. Also related to the Tar sands was an agreement made between the premiers of Alberta and British Columbia to ship bitumen by rail. This was a sudden about face by the Premier of B.C. and came as quite a surprise.

Later on in the chat I made a new friend (Kevin), another Canadian that cares, after exchanging ideas on what we can do, he wrote in post:

“I am making a challenge to all my Canadian friends. We have a evil despicable man known as (Stephen Harper) running our country. He is on a mission to destroy our once great nation, he is hell bent on taking our rights away, and refuses to represent our future, among very many other things. This man is the most dangerous enemy our country has ever here’s the challenge…Write letters, make phone calls, even go in person to your local MLA or MP and demand that this psychopath step down as prime minister of Canada…We can take back our country if we stand together. Our children and our grandchildren are depending on us.”

Last Wednesday November 13 another important leak was released by WikiLeaks Trans-Pacific Partnership Chapter.  This is the nastiest agreement I have read in my entire life where it empowers the corporations and governments and disedpowers Us. This is the biggest prove that we do not live in capitalism anymore but in a Corporactocracy

A trade agreement Canada intends to sign will have “far-reaching implications for individual rights and civil liberties,” WikiLeaks says.

To download the WikiLeaks PDF: “WikiLeaks published the complete draft

We have to do something and Kevin suggestions are bang on! If you have other ideas just do it, we are all in this ship together called mother earth.

Let’s do it for our beloved ones and Canada!


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